How to transition a dog to new food – Step by Step

Food is an essential part for the well-being of our pets, so sometimes it is necessary to change the brand or type of food according to different factors:

Do you want to know how to change your puppy’s food so that he does not get sick?

First I will tell you, that this “adaptation”It is a bit more complex for a puppy than for a person, this is because dogs have less bacteria in their stomach which makes it difficult for them to synthesize and absorb nutrients.

Change your petngo's food

You have to know that there are different foods for different sizes, breeds and ages of dogs. Also, when the time comes to change your dietIt is very important to do it gradually to prevent these changes from unpleasant to the stomach, remember that your stomach takes time to adapt and sudden changes can cause mechanical diarrhea and general discomfort. Another thing you should know is that dog foods are divided into 3 “ages”:

  • Puppy: This begins to be given when the mother stops providing milk and it has essential nutrients for the growth of the animal, this can be given until the first year of age.
  • Adult: Remember that this is a supplement for maintenance and will help us to be healthy and balanced.
  • Geriatric: It is recommended that after 7 years of life, your dog begins to eat special food to take care of his bones and digestive system.

That said, now yes, what we enter here: How do I change my puppy’s food? Simple, we are going to divide them by weeks:

  • The first week We will give you ¾ parts of the old food and ¼ part of the new food.
  • The second week We will give you ½ part of the usual food and ½ part of the new one.
  • The third week We will give you ¾ parts of the new food and ¼ part of the old.
  • The fourth week We can give you the total of the new food.

Change your petngo dog's food

Ready, as simple as that. If you follow these steps, you will not have any problem. Finally, there are many brands on the subject of dog food, but when making the decision to What food should I give my pet? the most important thing is to take this into account:

  1. Make it Premium quality. Since these guarantee that our puppy will absorb the greatest amount of nutrients. Your dog is what you feed him, so the higher the quality of the food, the better the quality of life your best friend will have.
  2. Know well the amount of food that our dog should eat. Thus we avoid obesity, diabetes and other diseases that complicate the health of our pets.
  3. Finding the right combination of fat and fatty acids. It is important to advise yourself well on the food, but the most important thing is to observe how the food falls on your pet. Look at their fur. Do they have allergies? Does it shine or is it opaque? Does it fall a lot? Does it feel soft or rough? Does it have an aroma? Also look at their stools. Are they firm? Do they have any strange colors? Do they smell a lot? How long ago? And do not forget to observe his attitude above all, check his energy, his motivation and above all learn to detect changes in attitude in him. Now you know how to change your puppy’s food and other things.

I hope you have no doubts and if so, do not forget that we are here to help you on our social networks.

Remember that taking care of your dog is the key to having it well and enjoying it healthy for a long time.

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