When can i take my puppy to the beach?

This year have you decided to take your dog to the beach? Without a doubt, the furry of the family can also enjoy the sand and the sea water. A dog beach it can be ideal, since they also deserve a good vacation. Therefore, here are some tips so that your dogs can have as much fun as the whole family will.

10 tips for taking your dog to the beach

What can be better than enjoying the sun, the sand, the warm breezes and the waves of the sea? Have your dog by your side, to enjoy a good day at the beach together. Traveling to the beach with dogs can be a lot of fun, but consider these tips to make the experience wonderful, you will surely repeat the following year!

1. Find out about the beaches for dogs in your area

What kinds of beaches accept dogs and which ones don’t? Which ones have more shade and which ones less? Do a little analysis and look for reviews of different dog friendly beaches. Remember that some have certain hours so that the furry can walk with their owners. Take note of the main rules so you don’t run into surprises.

2. Choose a time zone that is not very hot.

If possible, avoid the hottest hours of the day. If you want to go with your dog to the beach, you can choose the first in the morning (between 8 am and 11 am) and the last of the day (from 8 pm).

3. Protect your pads

The sand on some beaches can be extremely hot for our dogs. If you wear flip flops or beach sandals, you may not realize how uncomfortable it can be for your dog’s pads. In these cases, we advise you to choose a special product for smear on their paws before walking on shore. You will find these products in veterinary clinics.

4. Find out if your dog likes to swim

If it’s the first time your dog visits the beach, take him through a quiet area with little moved waters to see how it reacts. Not all dogs can or like to swim. Some simply enjoy walking along the shoreline. Even dogs that are good swimmers can be overwhelmed by strong waves and currents. Therefore, keep a close eye on your dog at all times. Make sure you know how to deal with ocean currents beforehand.

5. Buy a life jacket for your dog

Whether you’re sailing on a boat or playing in the sand, grab a life jacket for your furry it could be a good idea. There are furry ones that know how to move well in the water. However, they can still use this tool to tire less and enjoy longer. A vest that has a handle on the back is convenient for taking a dog out of the water.

6. Provide some shade

Both humans and the dogs demand breaks in the shade. A playful and energetic dog can quickly tire out on the beach. Large umbrellas are nice, but if you spend hours on the beach, it may really be necessary to have a small tent or tent to provide a little more freshness to your pet. In fact, some shade tents incorporate windbreaks to protect them from the sand blowing in the wind as well.

7. Don’t forget sunscreen and water

Did you know that dogs can also get sunburned? Despite the fact that they have a lot of hair, dogs can suffer if they are very exposed to the sun. exist sunscreens for dogs. There are usually many varieties, but try selecting a cream that does not contain zinc oxide. Do not forget to apply it in the most exposed areas, also on the muzzle. Dogs with rosy noses and skin, shaved ones, and dogs with light-colored coats require special protection from the sun.

On the other hand, it deserves your attention to know that dogs can easily become dehydrated on the beach. He carries a bottle of cool, cold water for him and leaves his bowl in the sand, always under the umbrella. This will prevent your pet from drinking too much salt water, something that could be harmful to her.

8. It has several straps

You will need to check local ordinances for strap and length rules. Per se, long leashes can come in handy on the beach. They can provide your dog with more room to roam when needed. Consider bringing spare straps in anticipation that one of them might break at the last minute. And, if you can leave your dog off the leash on the beach, make sure he wears a collar with his identification and your contact.

9. Keep distances and hygienic measures

Above all, it is always decisive keep distance with other people or other animals two or more meters away. Remember that the danger of any type of virus, including the current one COVID-19, it can ruin anyone’s stay. Keep in mind, in turn, Wash your hands when you get to your house or to the apartment or hotel where you are staying. Your furry must also be kept clean, so it is a priority to wet his paws and wash them gently with a little warm water, and soap if necessary.

10. Bring your favorite dog food with Knatur

Of course, during the beach day, your furry must eat food that provides quality nutrients. It might be a bit of a hassle to carry huge bags of pet food, but have you thought about bring the natural food Knatur in individual 600 gr sachets? It’s a wonderful way to easily feed them, whether at the hotel, on the beach or in the park. Also, if your furry normally feeds with the diet BARFKnatur can be a good alternative for these days on the beach or when you go on an excursion and you are not at home.

It should be noted that, with everything that your dog is going to enjoy on the beach, he will need to feed himself with food of excellent quality! Therefore, the Knatur’s natural diet It is essential for its development and for the maintenance of its health. We encourage you to buy it in our online store or in one of the establishments and physical stores that sell our natural food.


It seems that there are many points to follow but, trust us! It is very worth living the experience of enjoying a beach with dogs on holiday. If, on the other hand, you go to another place, such as the mountains, some of the previous tips will also help you. We refer to hydration, food quality, shade and straps. Also do not forget your documents, your passport if necessary and, most importantly, enjoy together!

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