7 reasons to switch to natural organic dog food

Natural pet food is food made with human-grade ingredients that can make a big difference in how your pet looks and feels.

The use of 100% real ingredients of animal / vegetable origin and without additional processes, will help your pet retain all the benefits in his body.


What does natural mean?

Natural does not necessarily mean that a food is organic, but the term is sometimes used to refer to natural kibble for dogs and cats. Natural pet food does not contain:

  • Artificial colors or preservatives
  • Artificial chemicals
  • By-products (beef, poultry, etc)
  • Added sugar
  • Dairy products
  • Ingredients that have been genetically modified (eg hydrolyzed)

What to look for in a natural pet food?

Its main ingredient is protein (lamb, beef, fish, chicken). It must be named or listed as “meat from” or “meat meal from” and not “meat by-product meal.” There is a huge difference. The “meat by-product meal” is not pure meat, it includes hooves, beaks, feathers or other parts that are not edible by humans.

You also have to see that it contains many fruits and vegetables such as: carrots, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, peas, pumpkin, apples and blueberries.

Omega 3 and 6 oils must be present and not animal fats. Check that it contains vitamins and minerals. If a “natural” food contains by-products, corn, wheat or soy, doubt and question about it. The same goes for preservatives and artificial colors.


How do you know if your pet’s food contains the above?

The first thing to do is to check the label of your pet’s food. Take your lump of food and turn it over to read the ingredients it contains.

Natural pet food is highly digestible because the ingredients are of very good quality. They do not contain corn, wheat, soy or other cereals associated with producing allergies and intolerance.

Is natural food more expensive? The answer is yes and no.

Natural cat and dog foods cost more because they contain higher-quality, human-grade ingredients. However, in the long term you can see that they yield more than cheap foods.

We made the following classification of natural pet foods depending on their unique characteristics:

  • Holisticos. Whole ingredient foods that use animal protein and some grains like rice and oatmeal.
  • Homemade or prepared at home. Dehydrated raw foods that you end up at home by adding water to hydrate them.
  • High in protein. They generally contain a large amount of good quality meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, or salmon.
  • Crude. Unprocessed frozen foods that you defrost overnight to serve your pet in the morning.


Some recommendations for natural pet food:

Definitely, the benefits of a natural diet are incredible. But, if you still have doubts, I share with you 7 reasons to switch to a natural food:

1. Reduce alergias

If your pet is suffering from allergies (they scratch a lot, lick their paws, their stools are not firm) and you have already tried all the brands that your vet recommends, do not despair! there are still more options you can try.

Since there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, they are less likely to cause allergies in your pet.

2. Improve the coat

There is a very true phrase: “You are what you eat”, and the same applies to our dogs and cats. Due to the high nutritional value of natural food it benefits healthy skin and shiny coat, as well as healthy and strong bones and teeth.


3. Promotes good digestion

Cheap, less nutrient-dense dog foods may contain “fillers” (such as corn, soy, or wheat) to keep your dog satisfied. These fillings are not so nutritious and are difficult for your pet to digest, this can cause constipation and various stomach problems.

However, raw or organic food means that your pet will not need as much food and his stools will be more predictable, firmer and less odorous. (And since we’re talking about bad smells, it can also reduce your dog’s or cat’s bad breath – more kisses!)

4. Strengthen health and immune system

We know that by using authentic and less processed ingredients, we take in more nutrients in our body, which plays a super important role to provide us with better health but at the same time strengthens the immune system with antioxidants that can fight easier, viruses, diseases and discomforts.

5. Increases Energy and Vitality

Your pet will have renewed energy and new vitality. A pet that eats quality or natural food enjoys more exercise since its bones and muscles are strengthened by obtaining highly efficient nutrients.

It will be easier to exercise him (especially if he has gained some weight) and you will notice that he becomes more playful with you.


6. Fewer visits to the vet

If your pet is healthy, playful, with energy and more vitality, it not only translates into benefits for your pet but also for your pocket. Your pet will need to go to the vet less so you will spend less (maybe you can allocate some of the savings to more prizes!)

7. Longer lives

A natural food can extend the life of your pet giving him more years and an excellent quality of life. We assure you that your pet will be healthy and full of energy. Who wouldn’t want that for their pet?


Clever! Get ready for a pleasant surprise. By changing your pet’s diet to a natural one, you will be able to notice a significant improvement in the first weeks of use. In addition, I assure you that the flavor will delight you.

If you have more questions, write to us and we will gladly advise you.

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