Microchipping Dogs: What is it? Benefits, How & Why you should do it

Surely you have ever heard that it is possible to put a chip on your dog to identify it, but if you do not know much about how this procedure could benefit you, do not worry, we will explain it here.

When a dog is chipped, a long needle is used to implant the microchip, which is only slightly larger than a long grain of rice, about shoulder blades, under the skin. This chip contains information that allows you to identify your dog in case it is lost, which, as you can imagine, can literally save its life.

This procedure is usually done in the vet’s office, which is important, as it needs to be properly positioned to avoid later problems.

Although a few years ago there were few veterinary hospitals or practices that had chip readers, now they are more and more frequent.

In Mexico, unlike other countries, its use is not yet so widespread because it is not yet mandatory by law, but there are many owners who voluntarily place the implant in their dogs to further protect them in case they get lost. because they are going to travel to a country where it is a requirement that they have it or, well, because they are dogs that have a pedigree from the Mexican Canophila Federation, so they necessarily have a microchip and tattoo with the breeder’s data and their registration number ( the identification data can later be changed before the FCM so that they remain in the name of its owner).

Although in our country, precisely because the use of the microchip is not so widespread yet, the plate is still an essential requirement to protect your dog in case it gets lost, think that the microchip is a kind of “insurance” for He, as he considers that many dogs that get lost do not wear their collar and / or badge at the moment due to the carelessness of the owners or because they drop (or take them off) if they are on the streets for a long time. The chip will never fall off and will go with him wherever he goes.

So if you want to give your dog extra protection in case he gets lost (think that, after all, someone could find him and take him to the vet to check if he has a chip or not), do not hesitate to consider this option for your dear dog. Talk to your trusted vet and ask him if he puts it on or asks him to recommend a hospital to have it implanted.

And, if you are going to travel abroad, check the requirements that your dog is asked to enter the country you are going to to see if you need to place the chip and also ask the airline you will be traveling with to find out if it will need to be carried. Remember that a pet friendly airline, such as Interjet, will give you all the facilities for you and your dog to travel.

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