10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds in the World

As the years go by, the puppies have gone from being caretakers of the home or simple watchmen, to companions, and part of the family. A need to adopt pets has been increasing in society as they are looking for a life partner.

We know that all dogs are different and special because of their color, size or coat, but there are others that can be distinguished by their intelligence, making it easier for them to learn new behaviors:

Therefore, if you are considering having a pet, we will tell you which are the most intelligent dog breeds:

border collie


The ability to learn and its ability to learn commands, makes the Border Collie the most intelligent breed in the world. Some experts show that it is capable of identifying up to 200 different orders.

This puppy adapts to families that spend a lot of time outdoors, being a very active animal, with a lot of energy, and always ready to respond to orders, it does not like to be left alone for long periods of time because it has a tendency to suffer separation anxiety, keep your puppy busy and he will be fine.



Poodle or poodle is the second most intelligent puppy, this breed famous for being of competitions, acquired popularity for being one of the favorites in the French and British royalty.

High-energy and skillful when it comes to learning tricks of all kinds, this dog is very sociable, affectionate, and very loyal to its owner, undoubtedly one of the favorites among the breeds.

German shepherd


Used for herd grazing, protection of animals or homes, this breed has developed its mental, physical and cognitive attributes over time.

This puppy needs a lot of obedience training, affection, and moderate physical exercise. In addition to having great intelligence, it is a dog that has extraordinary beauty.

golden retriever


Noted for taking on all kinds of tasks, from being a police dog detecting drugs to being ideal as a companion for young children at home.

He is a very naughty, kind and friendly puppy with humans, he became popular for being a therapy dog ​​for autistic children.

good man


Perhaps the dog that learns and automates basic commands the fastest, they are known as guardians, in addition to being very intelligent, alert and loyal.
This breed has received a bad name, but most of its behavioral problems are due to poor training and lack of exercise. They hate loneliness and are easily bored, contrary to popular belief, this little dog is very noble, calm and beautiful.

pastor shetland


The sixth most intelligent breed among the puppies is the Shetland Sheepdog, bred for herding this breed is one of the most elegant, as well as intelligent and with a great facility to learn.

This puppy needs a lot of exercise and especially playing outside, in addition to being very patient with the little ones, if he trains well he can become a very sensitive and obedient animal.

labrador retriever


It is one of the most common breeds in homes, its intelligence is based on the facility to obey, and learn basic training commands.

Its ease of training makes it a great companion for the home, as long as the proper time is given to it.



Unlike those mentioned above, the papillon is small and elegant, with delicate bones, it is a friendly, cheerful and very social dog. This puppy is perfect for homes because of its incredible adaptation to different types of person.



This breed was bred to be a herding dog or police dog, but if trained well it can make a great companion around the home. His intelligence allows him to learn a new command in just 5 attempts. These little dogs are very affectionate, energetic and above all very protective.

Australian pastor


This puppy is the tenth and last breed on our list, a very intelligent animal with a lot of energy which, if you don’t have a lot of time, it will be difficult to pay proper attention to it. This dog is ideal for people who love exercise. It is also a great companion for children, he will love to play with them and protect them tirelessly, they will form a very special bond.

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