10 Forbidden Dog Foods Every Dog Owner Should Know

All our puppies have their own food, be it croquettes or raw food, but they hardly resist trying our food and it is difficult to say no when they put those eyes on you. So, we must take into account what foods we can give our dog and which ones we must avoid at all times.

That is why our friends from Angela & Merkel madeĀ a list of toxic foods for your dog:


avocado is toxic to dogs

Avocado is one of the forbidden foods to give your puppy; perhaps the favorite food of us humans, it is one of the most harmful to animals as well as being high in fat, contains a toxin called persin, which can cause stomach upset, shortness of breath, and fluid buildup in the chest.


caffeine is toxic to dogs

Caffeine is another substance that is considered toxic to your dog. This substance has the same effect on us and on our pets, with the difference that in our dogs, being more sensitive, it has unpleasant consequences on their nervous system, Depending on the amount consumed, they can present from hyperactivity to muscle tremors.


toxic onion for dogs

The onion in its high or regular consumption can cause serious problems in our dogs, causing them hemolytic anemia or severe kidney failure, this due to the high content of sulfuric compounds in onion and that dogs do not have the necessary enzymes to digest them.

Grapes and raisins

toxic grapes for dogs

Healthy for us humans, but take into account that grapes and raisins are highly harmful to puppiesIn small amounts it can cause severe diarrhea or vomiting and in large amounts kidney failure.


toxic nuts for dogs

This is another example of a healthy food for humans, but toxic for pets, walnuts for its high phosphorous content can cause bladder stones in pets. In addition, macadamia nuts have been shown to cause inability to walk, vomiting, lethargy, and tremors.


toxic milk for dogs

The ability to digest lactose products of our pets decreases as their age increases, this because stop making an enzyme called lactase when your breast milk feeding ends.

This can cause vomiting, diarrhea, an upset stomach, among other damages.


toxic alcohol for dogs

No one in their right mind would give alcoholic beverages to a defenseless animal, but there will always be people capable of joking about it, that is why you must know the consequences of playing with this.

A minimal dose can make dogs aggressive and nervous, causing a drop in your central nervous system, cardiac and respiratory.

Fried and fatty foods

fatty meat forbidden dog food

Just as these foods hurt us, dogs too, being high in fat can cause stomach upset or induce pancreatitis. In addition, the habitual consumption of these foods it can cause obesity in our pets.

Ham and roast meats

ham toxic food for dogs

Foods such as ham, bacon, sausages, among others, are dangerous due to their salty content, their preservatives and hormonal injections. Puppies may have diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach and abdominal pain, as well as an increase in weight due to their excess fat.

If you think your dog ate any of these foods or something he shouldn’t have eaten, see a veterinary doctor immediately. Also make sure to keep toxic foods out of your best friend’s reach.

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