List of foods you shouldn’t feed your dog

We always want to give food to our dogs and more when they put a cute face on us we melt and we want to give them what we are eating, but it is very important that you know that dogs have a special diet and in this league we tell you which are the better food for your dog, and take into account that we eat things that can be toxic to them.

In this blog we are going to tell you what the five are most toxic foods for them and that you should avoid since these can cause from diarrhea to a heart attack, but don’t worry, if we check well, dog food also has products that are super good such as chicken, cooked rice, meat, fish, etc. others, but here we will review the Why not give him certain foods? O What foods can become toxic for our puppy?

We’ll talk to you right away what foods to avoid giving your dog

As most of us know there are toxic foods for dogs and that we can go unnoticed; the café contains caffeine and that can cause tachycardia in our little animals, it is very dangerous since it can cause the heart rate to be very fast.

toxic food cafe petngo

Although most of the vegetables They are good for dogs, there are two that can be extremely dangerous, these are the it and the onion since they contain thiosulfate a compound that can cause hemolytic anemia, this can be very dangerous for our dogs.

toxic food garlic and onion petngo

You like him avocado? Because I love it, but what do you think? It is very bad for dogs since it has a toxin called Persil that causes vomiting and diarrhea. So as much as I like avocado, don’t give it to your puppy.

toxic food avocado petngo

Unlike avocado, walnuts directly affect the puppy’s motor abilities and in large quantities can cause paralysisThis can make our dog not move a leg, some trauma and can become irreversible.

food toxito nuts petngo

We have always heard that the chocolate It is bad for dogs and this is totally true, this is because it contains denominate you that it is a compound that has cocoa that causes a relaxing effect that in our dogs can cause cardiac arrest.

toxic food chocolate petngo

In summary, the toxic foods that you should avoid giving your dog are:

  • Café
  • Onion and it
  • Avocado
  • Walnuts
  • Chocolate

So now you know, these were the Most toxic foods for your puppyYou have to define which foods can affect your puppy and prevent them from eating these.

It is best to always prefer food specially designed for them if you do not know very well what food to give your dog, we have prepared an article with it croquettes traffic light that you can review in this link, clarifying that if your pet has special needs, what we always recommend is that you go to your veterinarian and they can recommend the ideal food for your pet.

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