22 foods that are dangerous and toxic to dogs

Here is a list of foods that are toxic to dogs. There are certain foods that they are very fond of that can be very dangerous foods for dogs. Some can cause them health problems irreversible, see cause their dead. It is therefore advisable not to give them any and especially to teach your dog not to beg (beg), which will reduce the chances that he swallows one of these dangerous foods for dogs as soon as your back is turned.

Non-exhaustive list of dangerous and toxic foods for dogs:

Chocolate a sweet danger for your dog!

Chocolate, Cocoa, tea and coffee : some dogs love chocolate and yet! Did you know that 50 grams of chocolate, or a quarter of a classic bar, can kill a dog in the space of 18 hours?

In your dog, these foods can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyper excitability, tremors, even heart failure causing death.

What to do if your dog has swallowed or ate a cooked bone

Cooked bones: Cooked bones have the disadvantage of becoming crumbly and brittle when cooked, which can cause serious health problems for your dog when he chews and even worse when he swallows the bone. You should know this already, but for the same reasons never feed chicken or rabbit bones (cooked or raw).

The easiest way is to take him to the vet. Do not try to make him vomit or eat until you have had permission from your vet, it can be dangerous for him.

Dangerous and toxic for dogs: drinks

The alcohol : it seems obvious but it happens that dogs are attracted by glasses of alcohol left carelessly on a table for example. Alcohol can cause weakness, dizziness or even a coma in your dog.

What to do if your dog has been drinking alcohol Start by going to bed, so that he does not hurt himself by staggering, and if he has drunk a good amount of alcohol, pure alcohol, or especially if he is of small build, call the vet urgently.

Lactose: after the period when he is a puppy, never give your dog milk. We also avoid yogurts and the ICES.

Fruits and vegetables, and yes! There are some that are dangerous for your dog.

Do not give it either raisin, d’apricots, from cherries, from Pear, d’onion, d’lawyer, d’ail, from prunes or from mushrooms. These are very dangerous foods for dogs.

Products rich in salt, a danger for your dog:

Ham, smoked salmon, crisps, olives and more generally anything that is salty. Also avoid games at the beach where your dog has to bring you a ball full of seawater for example. Salt is life-threatening to your dog. The reactions can be similar to those of a dog swallowing chocolate or coffee. If these symptoms occur, take him urgently to the vet.

What if your dog has swallowed one of these dangerous or poisonous foods?

You can try to make him throw up if you do it in time. You can also give him activated charcoal to swallow. Obviously, your best bet would be to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. Only an animal health professional can best answer your questions and treat your dog.

To keep your dog in good health, it is advisable to give him dog food, which is perfectly suited to him. On the market, you will also find small treats for animals, to give him occasionally, without harmful effects on his health.

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Do you know of any other dangerous foods for dogs?

If you know pls. make sure to comment below. We love to hear from you.

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