Flower essences for Dogs & Cats: How can they take it?

Flower essences will not change your pet’s temperament, they will only help him regain emotional balance. It is not a substitute for medical treatment or consultation with a specialist in animal behavior or nutrition.

Why give drops of flower essences to drink? They are perfect for situations of change, such as, you will have visits, you will be absent for a long period, you will take him to the vet or canine aesthetics, there will be fireworks in the street, he will be hospitalized or a new member will be integrated into the family.

How to take flower essences?


  • 4 drops with each change of water and / or food (more drops does not equal better results)
  • 4 drops every 60 or 90 minutes (i.e. increase the frequency of administration)
  • If necessary 4 drops of the concentrate at key moments (just before entering the vet or esthetician, when they are listening to the fireworks or if their nervousness, anxiety, stress or loneliness are intense and / or very evident).


  • 4 drops with each change of water and / or food + 4 drops a minimum of 6 times a day.
  • Method of administration: Directly in the muzzle (if, and only if, the animal allows it, it is not an unpleasant experience for him and the muzzle does not make contact with the dropper)
  • Place 4 to 8 drops in your hands (or 2-4 sprays) and then massage your head, body, ears and / or pads, the last two being the most receptive.
  • Place them in a brush or small brush that we designate for this use and later “paint” their pads.
  • Spray 2-4 times, depending on the size, your favorite toy or the one you are playing with at the time we are going to administer them
  • Spray 1-2 times to moisten the room / area where problems arise, the corner where the dog spends most of the time, the car when we transport him to the vet or take him for a walk.
  • Yes, and only if, you use a humidifier every day, you can add 4 drops to each water change.

Remember to make sure that the administration of Bach flowers is a pleasant experience for your dog or your cat, in general, they enjoy them and over time they will even ask for them.

Once there are significant improvements / noticeable and positive behavior changes (usually 2 to 4 weeks), you can start reducing the doses to 4 times a day and then to 2, continuing to add the 4 drops with each water change or food. You can increase the dose when you consider it necessary; To increase the dose, increase the frequency of administration of the drops, not the amount given per administration, for example, go from 2 to 6 times a day.

We remind you that products made with flower essences are not medicines, they are not essential oils and they are not homeopathic. They are natural, do not generate addiction or side effects, do not treat specific behaviors or symptoms, work at the energy level and help to restore emotional and energy balance, thereby increasing the probability that the corresponding behavioral or symptomatic problems will be reduced or eliminated .

Flower essences work best when they are part of a comprehensive treatment program whether they include vet care, proper diet, behavior modification, or other modalities. Although the animal that does not respond sensitively to Bach flowers is very rare, if the behaviors persist, are aggressive or endanger the life of the animal or other people, consult your trusted veterinarian and / or a behavior expert. animal.

Recommendation: Keep the bottles out of direct sunlight, strong odors (perfumes, spices, medicines), avoid direct contact between the dropper / mouth of the bottle and the animal’s snout so that the content is not contaminated.

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