How to moisturize & maintain your dog’s Healthy & Shiny Coat

A healthy coat is a reflection of a good diet. A shiny, smooth coat speaks of a balanced diet, and proper maintenance.

Maintaining and caring for your dog’s coat can be a challenge, especially if your pet is a long-haired breed.

In addition to proper grooming, bathing, and grooming, we must not lose sight of the fact that the most important thing is their diet, in the end. Sometimes we spend more on beauty products, but … food is the best product.

Perfect coat in petngo
Here we will give you some tips, food and supplementation to ensure that your dog is healthy and that his coat shows it

We are what we eat!

This phrase also applies to pets, so taking care of their diet is essential for their proper development. As much as possible, look for foods that have natural protein as their first ingredient, and that include nutrients and vitamins necessary to help their skin to be healthy, their hair strong and shiny, and they are one of those dogs that go down the street reflecting the sun through its fur.

Also the water they drink plays an important role, try to be soft, (low in tartar) and pure.

In this sense, healthy fats are essential for the good condition of a dog’s coat. The deficiencies in their nutrition are reflected through their fur, so that if you notice that their coat is dry and dull, in all probability the food you are providing is not adequate.

A correct diet will be determined by the balance of the four food groups: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Avoid any cheaper type or brand from the supermarketYou must carefully analyze and check if it contains this variety of components in its nutritional table; foods with the “premium” category will be the correct ones to consider

Healthy fats are highly beneficial for the hair health of dogs, so low-fat diets should be avoided. All foods that contain omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids, like fish (salmon or fish oil), are optimal both to improve the shine and softness of your pet’s coat, and to take care of their health in general.

Give your furry a little reward by adding a little tuna or sardine to their food a couple of times a week.

mutt oil in petngo

Find MUTT brand sardine and tuna oil to season your kibbles if your diet is dry, or change your diet for a better balanced food.

Vegetables are the primary source of vitamins and antioxidants, fiber, and other valuable supplements for overall health. The vitamins with antioxidant loads, and the most important to take care of the dog’s coat, are C and E, and you can find them in carrots, peas, alfalfa, selenium and broccoli.

Keep in mind that it is not advisable to offer the animal more than 20% of the total diet, since it could cause diarrhea, vomiting and other disorders

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