How do i get rid of Fleas and Ticks from my dog

There are times that we do not know where our puppy passed, or if in the garden he is playing he has any flea or tick, that is why it is important that you know how to eliminate fleas and ticks from your dog or cat, which is why this blog is for you …

Believe it or not fleas and the ticks, they are the most common and popular ectoparasites in pets. They can become ill or even kill our puppy, so this issue is extremely important for the health of our pets.

These ectoparasites contain microorganisms that cause diseases such as: allergic dermatitis, skin lesions, canine babesiosis (which destroys red blood cells), Lyme disease that causes anorexia, fever, depression, even heart disease or such as canine ehrlichiosis that causes symptoms similar to those of canine influenza.

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For this reason it is very important to check our puppy after going to a park, paying particular attention to the inside of the ears, armpits and groin, since in these parts it is where fleas and ticks tend to take shelter, which can put them at risk. the health of our pet.

What to do if you see a tick on your dog or cat?

  • Step – 1: Keep calm and avoid ripping it off! Remember that everything has a solution and if you panic perhaps you could make the situation worse. Check your puppy, stroking against the hair so that you can see the skin, especially on the chest, the base of the tail and the back of the ears, since regularly this is where fleas like to live.
  • Step – 2: go as quickly as possible to your trusted veterinarian. In case of having found more fleas, it is highly recommended, give our puppy a flea-killing bath, this can be done with anti-flea shampoo or soap. (Remember that when there are many fleas on our puppy, they are not only in it but also in the environment). Therefore, we recommend that you carry out a fumigation in the area in which your puppy lives, to prevent them from climbing back up.
  • Step – 3: Your veterinarian will give you a medicine so that they come off on their own and be protected from them for a while.

We recommend that you give him a bath with an anti-flea shampoo such as Bolfo Prevention Shampoo and assist with your veterinarian to give you a prophylactic treatment to avoid these parasites and that when you go out for a walk, take into account putting flea collars that you can put on. on the neck of both your kitten and your puppy.

How can I prevent my dog ​​from getting fleas and ticks?

Today there are many products to prevent our dogs from having these parasites, but it is very important to be informed how each of them works, since there are products that protect our pet half and others in a much more effective way, for example:

Most of the products that come in oral presentation, (that is, our dog should eat) only kill the parasite when it bites or bites our dog, on the other hand, those that are ampoules for topical application (that is, the oil that put on the skin) are repellent and kill the parasite when it rises to our dog.
In our recommendation, this would be the most appropriate since it prevents other diseases that both fleas and ticks can transmit when biting.

Remember that all this anti-flea and tick process should always be supervised by a veterinarian to avoid any complications.

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