17 Dog Beach Accessories you should carry for sure

Going to the beach with your dog is one of the most incredible things you can experience Well, your dear companion will have an incredible time and, of course, who doesn’t like to take a few days to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea?

If you already decided, now what follows is to know exactly what should you pack so that your dog has everything he needs to enjoy the beach as only he knows.

Beach Fun

Therefore, we leave you Some tips on the basics that you should pack if you go with your beloved dog to the beach:

1. Suitcase / backpack We recommend that you carry a separate backpack or suitcase for him, so you will have all his things in order and easily at hand.

2. Carrier If you are going to travel by plane, you need to bring a carrier to let you get on with your dog. Write all your information and that of your dog clearly on the carrier so that it is well identified. Even if you travel by land, we recommend you take the carrier, because your dog travels safely and it will also serve as a house for you to sleep there or stay while you leave when you arrive at the destination.

3. Badge, collar and leash The collar and badge should be worn at all times and, if you use a carrier, the strap will have to be removed when inside, but keep it handy in your backpack. The plate must always have updated data. DO NOT remove the necklace if he goes swimming and better take a spare one so that you can change it when it dries and do not bring the necklace by hand. Do not forget that this necklace must also have a plate.

4. Towel A basic to dry it a little to remove excess water when leaving the sea, thus shaking the sand a little. In addition, it helps you to protect your car a little if you are going to raise it after swimming.

5. Water bottles Very important. Your dog will be thirsty and he cannot order soft drinks, so it is your duty to give him LOTS of fresh water. Otherwise he will drink sea water and this can be dangerous for him. Save some water so you can remove excess sand before leaving the beach.

6. Repellent This one doesn’t actually go in the suitcase, but be sure to put a repellent vial on it before heading to the beach to keep the critters away from your beloved dog.

7. Protective foot ointment Yes, you wear flip flops, but your dog doesn’t. So be sure to put on protective paw ointment to help keep them from getting hurt.

8. Sunscreen Yes, dogs need sunscreen too, particularly in the nose area and especially if they are white or with pink skin. Consult your vet to recommend which one to put on.

9. Parasol / tent Make sure you have a place where your dog can be in the shade so he doesn’t suffer from heat stroke.

10. Life jacket If your dog is not the best at swimming or if the waves where you are going are intense, do not forget to bring him a life jacket to protect him from any danger.

11. Dishes Don’t forget their food and water dishes.

12. Toys You do not have to take ten, take two or three to those that DO NOT have anything to do if they get wet and, better yet, they float.

13. Bed Bring a folding bed so you can sleep in the place of your destination. Consider getting one the size of the carrier so she can sleep on it comfortably.

14. Emergency contacts Take the phone number of your trusted veterinarian in case you need to locate him and try to get the contact of a veterinarian in the place you visit in case you need medical help.

15. Medications If your dog needs to take medicine, don’t stop carrying it. Also talk to your trusted vet to help you put together a basic kit for your dog.

16. Food We recommend that you bring a small package of food for your dog.

17. Poop bags Basic to collect your dog’s poop if he does at some point during the trip and to keep the beach clean.

Remember that there are airlines like Interjet that are pet-friendly and they also fly to different national and international beach destinations.

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