why is my dog anxious all of a sudden? and how to treat it?

why is my dog anxious all of a sudden? Is everything ok with him?

Well, Anxiety or stress is a serious insecurity that dogs come to experience when they are separated from their owners or simply when they stay home alone or simply feel alone, this is something completely normal and usually happens regularly.

There are different levels or symptoms of stress in a dog from drooling or panting to having anxiety colitis.

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There are many differences between the separation process of humans and dogs, humans grow and become independent over time. On the other hand, animals find a sense of security to be with a person or their owner creating an affective bond.

But how do you train your pet against separation anxiety?

When a person adopts or buys a dog they focus on train him at home in a basic way, sit down, give the paw, etc. But training for anxiety is often overlooked.


Training consists of how your dog will feel in the future when you leave him alone. However, each situation is different, even more so if you have dogs adopted from the street at home.

The training will help your dog to understand that you will return when you leave your house and will also understand what it is to be alone in a space.

Then, We will show you some information that will help you overcome and calm the stress of your furry:

As a first step to calm your dog’s stress and anxiety.

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It will tire your puppy before leaving home. An energetic dog will find it very difficult to be still alone at home.

Second step

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When you leave, do you feel sad? Does an effusive farewell? Try to make your exit from the house as routine as possible. When you return home, stay calm as calmly as you left. Your dog will understand that getting in and out of the house is not a big deal.

As the third and last step

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Put your dog in a place where he feels comfortable, a mat, bed, etc. take a step back and come back with a treat to make sure it calms down. This will calm your energy.

Over time you will build a longer distance path without your dog leaving his bed or mat. Although you can do all this yourself, it is best to leave it to the experts and thus avoid future trauma, experts such as the Ruffus & Mila team who will be happy to help whether you go to them in person if you are in Monterrey or online. with the various courses they have.


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