Can I bring my dog ​​food when we travel by plane?

If you have a planned trip with your dog by plane, there are several things you should know before the day of the trip. First you have to have all the papers and vaccinations that they will ask you depending on your destination. Then, depending on the size of your dog, you will need a carrier to take him in the cabin with you or to travel in the cargo compartment.

And just before the trip you should prepare your dog for the trip. This includes not giving him food for at least 8 hours before the flight, giving him a little water so that he does not want to pee, and walking him for a long time before putting him on the carrier. This helps not only that you can pee and poop before the flight but also that you are tired and not too nervous.

A common question from owners has to do with their dogs’ food. Can you bring the food for your dog from the beginning of the trip? The answer is that it depends where you travel. If it is a local flight, normally this is not a problem so you can take everything you will need (croquettes or wet food) on the trip. However, we do not recommend it, unless your dog eats special croquettes that are difficult to find at the destination.

In the case of international flights, there is a permitted amount of croquettes that is the portion of a meal of the day (between one and two cups) that is only “emergency”. This is because if the croquettes or prizes are made with animal products, they may be prohibited from entering the country. It is better to prevent someone from deciding to do a health inspection and confiscate or fine you. This changes from country to country but the truth is it is better to avoid any setback at customs and better to look for your dog’s food at the place of your destination.

What you should do is that if your dog travels in the luggage compartment, do not forget to stick a sheet or stamp above with a note that says how much your dog eats per day, if he has any type of allergies and when was the last time he ate and drank water. This is because in case your dog stays longer than it should or your flight is delayed or diverted or any emergency, the airport staff will know the last time he ate and what they can feed him in case of as necessary.

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