Dandruff in cats: the most common causes

Have you noticed by stroking your cat or combing it that it has dandruff? Or is it that it has left those little remains of dead skin on your dark clothes or sofa and you have noticed? Well, it doesn’t matter how you figured it out. The important thing is to clarify what the reason is and find a solution. What concerns to dandruff in cats, there are several causes that can cause it. In this article we will talk about them.

Dandruff in cats: causes why it can occur

Even if dandruff itself is not a serious problem, the reason why this is occurring can be decisive when it comes to affecting the health of your feline.

Dandruff, therefore, is a symptom of something that needs to be addressed. Let’s see what they are, for dandruff in cats, the most common causes.

dandruff in cats common causes

1. Lack of hydration

Proper hydration of your feline is essential for many aspects of its health. Therefore, if your cat does not drink water, you must do your best to hydrate as it is.

One of the most common options is implement wet cat food in your diet.

The lack of hydration will affect dry skin which can lead to the appearance of dandruff.

2. Environmental dryness

On the other hand, the environmental dryness it can also affect.

If you live in an environment where humidity levels are very low, that may be the problem. You may have also noticed it on your skin.

A humidifier To combat that dry climate at home is usually a timely solution.

3. The obesity

The negative consequences of obesity in cats are many, but did you know that it can cause dandruff in cats?

This is so because the feline acicalamiento, that is, moistening their body with their tongue, helps them to keep skin and coat hydrated. When a cat is obese, those self-cleaning movements may be difficult, causing areas of your skin that are not well hydrated and causing dandruff.

Remember: good diet and exercise to avoid feline overweight!

4. Lack of flexibility

At other times it is not obesity that prevents the cat from licking itself easily and that causes its skin to dry out with the consequent dandruff.

Among those reasons are usually problems such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, trauma or oral diseases.

dander in cats has physical causes

5. Stress

Cats must be provided with a quiet environment without major changes, since the Changes in their routine and in their environment can cause them a lot of stress.

And yes, compared to dandruff in cats, one of the causes can be stress and anxiety.

6. The alergies

The allergies in catsAs in people, they can be caused by many reasons: a food, a parasite, a chemical element, an environmental condition, etc.

Any of them can cause reactions on your cat’s skin And among those reactions, dandruff is a possibility.

7. Bad nutrition

By poor diet we mean that food whose quality is low, but also the one it lacks certain nutrients, proteins, and fatty acids.

Poor quality food is usually composed of many by-products and preservatives that will affect the general health of our cat.

On the other hand, the Omega-3 It is essential for the good health of the cat’s fur and skin, so a diet lacking in it can translate into dandruff.

8. Diseases

In addition to dermatitis that can appear due to allergies, there are many other causes for it to arise that will cause the cat to have dandruff.

But there are other serious diseases that can cause it, such as ringworm in cats or mange.

there are diseases that cause dander in cats

What do I do about my cat’s dander?

Now that you know its most common causes of dandruff in cats, it’s time to act.

To begin, you must implement in your routine the frequent brushing to be eliminating it.

The following will be visit the vet. If you are not sure what the problem is, it will do the relevant tests to clarify if it is a disease, an allergy, etc.

If the problem is feeding, will recommend the right one for the change. It may be that I may recommend some omega 3 and 6 supplements.

A specific shampoo for your bathrooms. Of course, the shampoo is just as important as removing all the soap residues correctly in the rinse. Failure to do so could lead to dandruff.

And of course we cannot forget about the environmental hydration and your own. Remember to always leave fresh and clean water at your disposal.

Beyond the itchiness that dry skin and dandruff can cause, as we have seen, some of the causing problems can affect your health very negatively if we do not solve them. Do not forget!

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