Bad breath in dogs: Causes & Remedies for canine halitosis

The bad breath in dogs it is usually quite common, especially in older dogs. It is even possible that it is warning you of a more complex health problem, or poor dental hygiene. For the safety of your best dog friend, you should watch for other symptoms, but you shouldn’t always be alarmed. Possibly, with a change in eating habits, you will begin to notice good results.

Causes of bad breath in dogs

The canine halitosis, that is, the bad breath that you can perceive in your best four-legged friend, is usually caused by several factors, and among the most common are:

  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Digestive disorders
  • Diabetes
  • A compromised respiratory system

There are various health problems that affect your pet and that you can notice through their bad breath. In some cases, it will be very easy to correct them, just by putting your dog to play, thus avoiding a too sedentary life.

To give you a more detailed idea of ​​the conditions that your dog can suffer, here are the most common causes of canine halitosis.

Poor diet:

This is the most common cause, which can be corrected with the change of feed when it is not of the best quality. And there is nothing healthier than a natural diet for dogs. The extreme dryness shown by many feeds not only affects the nutrition of your pet, but also affects their oral health, causing many remains to remain between their teeth and cause, in the first place, the painful and dreaded cavities.

As a consequence of the above, the accumulation of tartar, as well as the appearance of diseases such as gingivitis, carry with them the problem of halitosis.

Lack of exercise:

As happens to humans when we lead a sedentary life, our dogs can also suffer from the same problems. Their body stops working properly and they begin to feel various ailments that affect their kidneys, liver and, of course, blood circulation, responsible for carrying oxygen to all the organs of the body.

The onset of kidney or liver failure can manifest itself in canine halitosis, the latter symptom being the least important, as vital organs are involved.

Digestive disorders:

Some digestive disorders are obvious when your dog has vomiting and diarrhea. In some breeds this is a very common problem and requires veterinary attention, but, on other occasions, it can be caused by a nutritional deficiency that diet BARF can correct.


Diabetes is a common disease in certain breeds of dog, although it is always recommended that you watch your best friend’s diet, avoiding too many sugary treats.

To check the possibility of suffering from this disease, take into account their bad breath, but with a different characteristic, which is the fruity aroma that pets that start with this problem have.

A compromised respiratory system:

The fact that the respiratory system is compromised, as we indicate here, does not mean that your best friend has a serious illness. Sometimes this is the result of a sinusitis or rhinitis that the vet can treat without problems.

Remember that, if you suspect that your dog has a difficulty of this type, you should take him to the specialist, so that he can make the pertinent reviews.


How to solve our pet’s bad breath?


Your pet’s bad breath can be solved, as long as you know how to listen to the rest of the signals it transmits to you. But, why are you going to wait for this circumstance to occur, if you can start preventing it right away?

It is true that, when faced with certain diseases of a breed of dog, it is very difficult to act, but if you provide it with a healthy life, rest assured that you will avoid the early appearance of the pathologies that it may suffer.

The main thing is to keep your pet happy. This means that they can play with you every day, have room to run, have proper and regular veterinary care, and also have a proper diet. Although we better see all this carefully.

A natural and healthy diet

This is the basic pillar to maintain the good health of your best friend. Precisely, with the natural food we offer the furry ones of the house a diet based on the BARF diet, with natural ingredients and adapted to the nutritional balance that your pet requires every day.

While some feeds, especially those of lower quality, can cause many of the problems that our companion animals present (as their main ingredient is processed flour), at Petcaringzone we take care to remove it from our products, so that your dogs have the health they deserve and, above all, be happy.

Play and physical exercise

The Daily exercise It is essential for the dog, regardless of its size. It’s true that the larger it may require more time to exercise and, of course, more ground to run on. But there are small breeds that also require several hours of play a day.

There is no better connection between humans and dogs than in-game interaction. In addition, through it they manage to eliminate the possible stress that living in an apartment or small house can cause, if necessary.

Fight cavities

The canine tooth decay it is a problem that becomes very painful in our friends. As always, the best is prevention. Therefore, you should try to give your pet foods such as apples, or treats designed to promote oral cleaning.

There are also toothbrushes with which you can try to clean your dog’s teeth. For pets there are specific toothpastes that you will find easily.

Regular visits to the vet

Keeping your vaccination record up to date or keeping regular check-ups will ensure that your dog is monitored and any illness can be detected in time.

Anyway, before any suspicion that your furry child may be sick, do not hesitate to go to the specialist and detail all the doubts you have.


The bad breath in dogs it can be a problem that you can easily correct by giving them a good natural diet and following our advice. Luckily, you can find the healthiest products on our blog Petcaringzone. Buy the best quality for your pet and do not forget to take him to the vet periodically.

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